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The only pixel font you’ll ever need.


Bitcount Mono offers a complete Latin glyph set based on monospaced glyphs that are five pixels wide.


Bitcount Grid offers a complete Latin glyph set based on monospaced glyphs that are five pixels wide and never higher than seven.


In Bitcount Prop, each letter sits in its own proportional horizontal space. For example, the “m” is wide while the “i” is narrow.


Play with the layer generator! Bitcount is perfect for creating layered typographic effects using different colors and font styles. A slight shift in position creates shadows, highlights, and 3D effects. If you want to reproduce a certain combination on your own site, purchase a Bitcount web license, copy the HTML/CSS, and integrate the code into your site. Or just keep playing!


Font family

Mobilizing the fewest number of pixels (5×7) capable of containing a full set of Latin-1 characters, Bitcount can be used for 8-bit screens, LED displays, or building with LEGO®!

The family includes three spacing sets, five pixel shapes, five weights, roman and italic cuts, and many other features.

Five pixel shapes

Bitcount’s basic package includes five pixel shapes: Circle, Outline Circle, Square, Outline Square, and Plus. The proportions of the shapes were designed to match perfectly when overlapping.

Five weights

Each pixel shape comes in five weights: Light, Book, Regular, Medium, and Bold. The pixels in the Regular weight conform precisely to the pixel grid.

Single and Double

All pixel shapes and sizes are available in two versions of Bitcount: one-pixel stems denote the Single variant, while two-pixel stems are featured in the Double, space permitting.

OpenType features

A wide variety of alternate glyphs — oldstyle figures, tabular figures, slashed zeros, small caps, condensed forms, extended capitals, ascenders and descenders, contrast pixel, and an alt g — are available through OpenType feature selection.

Latin-1 glyph set

Bitcount supports the full complement of Latin-1 glyphs, including most accented characters.

Small caps

Both Lowercase to small caps and Capital to small caps OpenType features are implemented for all Bitcount variants.

Various sets of figures

Bitcount incorporates seven sets of figures in the Single variant and five sets in the Double, including tabular, oldstyle, lining, superscript, and subscript, all fitting within the limitations of the pixel grid.

Extra contrast pixel

Italic shapes

A number of italic shapes are available independently of the slant of a given variant.


All Single variants have a condensed glyph set implemented as an OpenType feature.

Extended ascenders/descenders

Bitcount’s Mono and Prop variants include OpenType feature options for extending ascenders, capitals, and descenders by one pixel.

The Bitcount family has


Spacing sets
The Bitcount family has


The Bitcount family has


Pixel shapes
Released as a package of




The standard desktop license for a single user is $10.10 per font. Bitcount is made for layering and playing. Because it’s different from other Type Network fonts, it’s priced differently. If you need to layer Bitcount, the entire package of 300 fonts (three spacing types, five weights, five pixel sizes, Single and Double variants, and roman and italic styles) is a much better deal!

Full package
(300 fonts)

Single desktop license
  • Five weights
  • Three pixels shapes
  • Three spacing types
  • Single and Double variants
  • Roman and Italic
  • Many features for Mono, Grid and Prop

Single Font

Single desktop license
  • One of five weights
  • One of five pixel shapes
  • One of three spacing types
  • Single or Double
  • Roman or Italic
  • Features vary according to font selection

Custom logo/pixels

  • Custom weights
  • Other pixels shapes
  • Any type of spacing
  • Single and Double variants
  • Roman and Italic
  • Features customized upon request

A word of thanks

Petr van Blokland would like to thank Gerrit Noordzij, who, in the 1970s, initiated the concept that contrast in type is the factor that holds everything together, countering the then-popular notion that contrast is a luxury to be removed from “simple” type whenever possible. Special gratitude goes out to Van Blokland’s partner, Claudia Mens, who has been a constant and constructively critical companion reflecting on every design question since 1980. He also extends many thanks to his Type Network cofounding partners — David Berlow, Sam Berlow, and Roger Black — and the Type Network production and marketing teams for making the release of Bitcount possible.

Bitcount 3D image renders by Mohamed Amine Belcaid. 3D laser cutouts by Lauren Dreier.